Volvo Trucks Begins Sales of Dual-Fuel Natural Gas-Diesel FM Trucks

D13C-gas MethaneDiesel engine

In brief: Volvo Trucks is now offering heavy-duty dual-fuel FM MethaneDiesel trucks on the European market.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: FM MethaneDiesel
Manufacturer: Volvo Trucks

The word

D13C-gas MethaneDiesel engine

Volvo began testing the dual-fuel methane-diesel (liquefied natural gas and diesel) trucks last year and is now offering the FM-series 13L trucks with a MethaneDiesel option.

The trucks are standard FM 13 delivery trucks meant for regional and long haul use. The MethaneDiesel option is a diesel engine converted to run on up to 75% methane (LNG), cutting diesel emissions by 70% and fuel consumption by 25%.

The engines automatically adjust gas:diesel ratios to match current loads and needs and can run entirely on diesel if no LNG is available. The engine technology was developed in partnership with Clean Air Power Ltd. and the trucks are currently available to order in a limited European market for delivery this fall.

And so ...

Very cool technology that means a huge reduction in emissions and fuel usage.

Photo credits: Volvo

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