The Green American Road Trip - CNG Drive from Austin to Boston

Green American Road Trip

In brief: Master's student Castlen Kennedy of the University of Texas at Austin is driving a compressed natural gas-powered Chevrolet Tahoe from Austin, Texas to Boston, Massachusetts to show that CNG is practical already.

The word

Austin to Boston

She calls it the Green American Road Trip and it's taking Kennedy across the country as she proves that compressed natural gas (CNG) is a viable fuel for green driving right now, today.

Kennedy is doing the trip as part of her Master's Degree thesis at the University of Texas at Austin. She is also taking the opportunity to talk to those inside and outside of the "NG Community" of enthusiasts along the way.

She is live blogging the trip from her website, The Green American Road Trip.

And so ...

Can you think of anything better to do as a master's thesis? Me neither.

Photo credits: Green American Road Trip

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