Ram 2500 CNG enters production

Ram 2500 CNG on production line

In brief: Ram Truck has begun production of the 2500 compressed natural gas pickup at its Satillo, Mexico plant.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: 2013 Ram 2500 CNG
Manufacturer: Ram Truck

The word

The end of October saw the first Ram 2500 CNG trucks rolling off the line in Satillo, Mexico as Chrysler Gorup's Ram Truck began production of the first factory produced compressed natural gas pickup truck in North America.

The company announced that the formerly fleet-only truck would now be available to retail customers as well, opening up potential sales for the natural gas dual-fuel vehicle to everyone in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

The Ram 2500 CNG operates primarily on compressed natural gas, but has a gasoline fuel tank that the truck will automatically switch to if the CNG tanks run empty. This dual fuel operation means that if the driver is in a situation where he or she cannot find CNG easily, any gas station will suffice until they can.

Fuel efficiency in the truck is about the same, gallon-for-gallon equivalent, on both fuels and the trucks have the same towing, cargo, and other capabilities as their gasoline-only counterparts.

And so ...

Good news from Ram Truck, who're taking the initiative in more ways than one.

Photo credits: Ram Truck

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