Mountune Racing and Team Aon Win First LPG Win

Taem Aon

In brief: Mountune Racing's Team Aon has scored the first British Touring championship (BTCC) win ultra-low emissions LPG-powered vehicle using their Aon Ford Focus ST.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Aon
Manufacturer: Ford/Mountune

The word

Team Aon

The win also marks Ford's return to the BTCC winner's circle in almost a decade. The new Aon vehicle sports a new engine from Mountune, which as been under refinement since 2009.

Both Team Aon (the car's racing group) and the fuel supplier, Calor, have been working closely with Mountune on the LPG injection hardware from Prins in tuning the mix and injection to maximize efficiency and output on the track.

Mountune is a child company of Roush Technologies, part of Roush Industries in the U.S. Roush uses the Aon as part of its development process for their natural gas conversions world wide.

And so ...

Racing and street automotive often go hand-in-hand. Here we see Ford, Roush, and Aon all coming together to build not only a great race car, but to come up with road-worthy technologies in the process.

Photo credits: Team Aon

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