Landi Renzo Developing New Dual-Fuel CNG/Diesel Retrofit Kits for Light Vehicles

Landi Renzo CNG

In brief: Landi Renzo SpA is working on development of a new retrofit kit to convert diesel engines in light vehicles (cars, pickups) to become dual-fuel and also use natural gas.

The word

CNG CylindersThe technical approach that Landi is attempting is to vastly improve efficiency and lower retrofit costs for CNG conversions.

The new kits will use multi-variable optimization to improve performance and to boost control. The goal is to improve efficiency, lower costs of conversion, and improve durability in the engines.

And so ...

Speaking at the NVG 2010 conference in Rome, Landi Renzo Research and Development Manager Daniele Ceccarini says the kit cost will be similar to current CNG conversion kits on the market.

Photo credits: Landi Renzo

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