Clean Air Power Launches Dual Fuel Euro5 Truck in Australia

Dual Fuel Mixing Process

In brief: Clean Air Power, who has developed a heavy-duty diesel engine capable of combining diesel fuel and natural gas (methane), has launched its Genesis Edge Dual Fuel Volvo FM13 Euro5 truck in Australia.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Genesis Edge Dual Fuel Volvo FM13 Euro5
Manufacturer: Clean Air Power

The word

Diesel-NG mixing cycle

Australia already makes use of several dual-fuel and alt-fuel products in the commercial sector, so CAP says that this new Volvo option is a good fit. Currently, CAP has a Caterpillar-made dual-fuel truck that is being phased out of sales in the country to be replaced by this newer-generation offering.

Sales will begin in Tasmania where, after many fits and stalls, a new liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant has been established to supply six refuelers covering the region.

CAP has received orders for 15 units this month on top of 22 already being shipped.

And so ...

The truck burns NG primarily while using small injections of diesel to ignite the pressurized combustion chambers. The trucks are capable of running all-diesel when required (if gas is not available).

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