City of Palm Desert, CA to Unveil Nation's First CNG Ambulance

Riverside County Fire Ambulance

In brief: The nation's first operational compressed natural gas (CNG) ambulance will be unveiled today in the city of Palm Desert, California as a new addition to the Fire Station 71 of Riverside County.

The word

Riverside County Medic AmbulanceThe ambulance, much like the one picture here, will be unveiled today and will become operational soon after. It will be stationed at Fire Station 71, which receives about 200 ambulance calls per month in the Palm Desert, California area.

The Palm Desert City Council appropriated the funds for an alt-fuel ambulance when the former diesel-powered ambulance came up for replacement last year.

The ambulance, made by BAG Technologies, is a standard ambulance system converted from gasoline to CNG burning. The original unit from Frazer Ambulance in Texas was built without an engine and BAF then fitted a CNG-burning engine in its place. Final cosmetic changes and fuel fittings were put into place this month when the ambulance arrived in Palm Desert for delivery.

And so ...

Very cool and hopefully the start of a new trend. The CNG infrastructure is already largely in place nationally and these lighter-duty vehicles are a good match for the technology.

Photo credits: Riverside County Fire

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