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CNG Car News Page 2

Breaking News


NaturalDrive Obtains CARB and EPA Certs for CNG Vans

In brief: NaturalDrive, which does compressed natural gas (CNG) conversions for General Motors' fleet customers, has obtained model year 2011 certific... Read More


Fiat To Emphasize Natural Gas for U.S. Market

In brief: With the competition pushing electrification in the North American markets, Fiat plans to dive in focused on natural gas - an Italian specia... Read More


Biomethane Pickup Trucks Hits Flint

In brief: Swedish Biogas International and Flint Mayor Dayne Walling unveiled the converted Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck, which runs on biomethane... Read More


Maruti Suzuki Introduces 5 Factory-Fitted CNG Vehicles

In brief: Maruti Suzuki, the largest car maker in India, has unveiled five popular models with intelligent-Gas Port Injection (i-GPI)for compressed na... Read More


VW Beetle Converted to Run on "Poop"

In brief: Geneco, a sustainable energy company owned by Wessex Water in the UK, has converted a Volkswagen Beetle to run on human waste. Vehicle in... Read More


MIT Reports on the Future of Natural Gas

In brief: Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) say that natural gas will play a major role in reducing greenhouse-gas emissi... Read More


Landi Renzo Developing New Dual-Fuel CNG/Diesel Retrofit Kits for Light Vehicles

In brief: Landi Renzo SpA is working on development of a new retrofit kit to convert diesel engines in light vehicles (cars, pickups) to become dual-f... Read More


Verizon to Convert 501 New Ford E-Series Vans to Natural Gas

In brief: Verizon will be adding 501 new Ford E-Series cargo vans to their maintenance fleet and will be converting them all to run on compressed natu... Read More


Ford Expands CNG / LPG Conversion-Capable Vehicles to F-450 and F-550

In brief: Ford will now be offering the popular F-450 and F-550 Super Duty vehicles with an engine prep package for the 6.8L engines to allow them to ... Read More


California Taxi Fleet Opts for Ford Transit CNG Vans

In brief: California's Yellow Cab has ordered 25 Ford Transit Connects with natural gas engine packages and will field them this year. Vehicle in t... Read More


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