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CNG Car News

Breaking News


Chemist finds breakthrough to methane to liquid alcohol conversion

In brief: A professor at Brigham Young University in Utah has discovered how to transform natural gas into liquid alcohol fuel in a new process. Th... Read More


2014 Honda Civic Hybrid and Civic Natural Gas launched

In brief: Honda has sent 2014 Civic Natural Gas and Civic Hybrids to dealerships. Vehicle in the news Year, Model: 2014 Civic Hybrid or Natural ... Read More


Chrysler uses human biology to improve CNG tanks

In brief: Chrysler has created technology that mimics human lungs as a new way of storing compressed natural gas in vehicles. The word The technol... Read More


General Motors announces bi-fuel Chevrolet Impala for 2015

In brief: General Motors has announced that the 2015 Chevrolet Impala will include a dual-fuel natural gas and gasoline option. Vehicle in the news... Read More


Ford F-150 to have natural gas option

In brief: Ford has announced that the best-selling F-150 pickup truck will have a natural gas-ready option from the factory for fleet buyers. Vehic... Read More


Ford expands commercial vehicle lineup for industry's broadest range of natural gas options

In brief: Ford has expanded its CNG and LPG-ready offerings in commercial vehicles to range from the small Transit Connect to the heavy-duty F-series ... Read More


Pennsylvania opens $20M NG vehicle program

In brief: The Pennsylvania DEP is accepting applications for its Natural Gas Vehicle Grant program, providing up to $20 million over the next three ye... Read More


Volkswagen 1.0L eco UP! natural gas gets 2.9kg/100km

In brief: The concept eco UP debuted in 2011 and this year was announced for production. Now new details on the natural gas commuter are available. ... Read More


Fiat 500 getting hybrid, CNG technology

In brief: The Fiat 500 is soon to get both a hybrid-electric and a compressed option. Vehicle in the news Make/Model: 500 Manufacturer: Fiat ... Read More


Ram 2500 CNG enters production

In brief: Ram Truck has begun production of the 2500 compressed natural gas pickup at its Satillo, Mexico plant. Vehicle in the news Make/Model:... Read More


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