X-Prize Teams Begin First Stage of Shakedown Competition

Edison2 at XPrize undergoing inspection

In brief: Teams competing in the Automotive X Prize competition gathered in Michigan to begin the shakedown portion of the live, physical events for their vehicles.

The word

Edison2 Undergoing Inspection

The Progressive Automotive X Prize officially began on-track performance testing at the Michigan International Speedway today. This marks the beginning of the Shakedown phase, one of three stages in the final competition involving the automobiles themselves.

This first stage is individual vehicle trials to acquaint teams with the track as well as to evaluate safety for the more vigorous challenges ahead.

Most of the day was spent doing technical inspections on the vehicles.

After this Shakedown stage is over, the Knockout rounds begin, pitting vehicles against themselves to make or break the X Prize minimum requirements for competition. After that, the actual head-to-head racing to find the winner.

And so ...

A lot of great vehicles are in Michigan for this final thrust of the competition. Video below shows several of the teams undergoing inspections, including the Aptera Team.

Photo credits: Progressive Automotive X Prize

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