X-Prize Foundation Reveals 10-year Plan With $100 Million in Prizes

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In brief: The X PRIZE Foundation is expanding its vision to address four key elements in the world-wide energy challenge. The competition will expand with $100 million in prizes over the next 10 years.

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X PrizeThe Progressive X Prize Foundation has announced a new vision to address world-wide challenges in Energy & Environment, Exploration of the Oceans and Space, Life Sciences, and Education and Global Development. The plan will have $100 million in prizes over the next ten years.

The non-profit educational organization created by Progressive Insurance is well-known for its current X-Prize Competition in which several well-known and concept vehicles are vying for prizes of various sizes (up to $10 million).

The four areas of interest listed have a broad range of competitive events and prizes planned that do not necessarily involve transportation.

For a full explanation of the new events, see the X Prize Foundation's website at this link.

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