Volt Wins Green Car of the Year

Chevrolet Volt at LA Auto Show
In brief: The Chevrolet Volt has been announced as the Green Car of the Year by the Green Car Journal at the LA Auto Show.

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Make/Model: Volt Manufacturer: Chevrolet (GM)

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Chevy Volt at LA Auto Show

Every year at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the last major automotive showcase in the U.S., a group of vehicles are judged by representatives of the automotive press and one of them emerges as the Green Car of the Year.

This year, the Chevrolet Volt came forward as the pick for this year's award. To do this, the Volt edged out competition from a conventional gasoline vehicle, two hybrids, and the all-electric Nissan Leaf.

For the past two years, winners have been TDI diesel cars. Last year was an Audi and the year before a Volkswagen. This year featured no diesel vehicles in the finalist lineup.

This makes the Volt the first electric vehicle of any kind to win the award.

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The Volt has also won the Motor Trend and Automobile magazines' Car of the Year awards. The Volt hits showrooms next month.

Photo credits: Wired Magazine

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