Toyota, Isuzu Truck Partially Restart Japanese Production

Toyota Motors Production Line (Prius)

In brief: Both the Toyota Motor Corp. and Isuzu Motors have said they are or will be restarting production lines in Japan in the next week.

The word

Toyota Motors Japan production line (Prius)

After the devastating earthquakes and tsunami that hit Japan, most Japanese automakers put their production facilities on hold. Power outages, shipping difficulties, and damage put nearly every manufacturing facility in Japan into suspension early this month.

Toyota has announced that they are beginning limited production of the Prius and two other hybrid models, after halting operations on March 14. The company plans to slowly ramp up production again in order to keep an eye on supply lines and transportation in the ravaged country.

Isuzu Motors has announced that they will restart truck production on April 5, using the same slow buildup that Toyota is going by. Isuzu halted production in Japan on March 14 as well.

Other Japanese automakers have not made announcements for production schedules yet, but rumors are that most will begin early next month.

And so ...

Japan needs these facilities up and running again in order to help rebuilt their shattered economy.

Photo credits: Toyota

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