Tokyo 2009: The Daihatsu Deca Deca concept car

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In brief: Japanese automaker Daihatsu grabs some much-deserved attention at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show with their Deca Deca concept van.

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Make/Model: Deca Deca concept
Manufacturer: Daihatsu


The word

Among Japanese automaker Daihatsu's handful of concept vehicles brought to this year's Tokyo Motor Show is the interesting Deca Deca concept, a multi-use van with lots of fun things going on.


The interior, which includes a 35-inch LCD flat-screen monitor, gives the driver the ability to arrange it in a variety of ways, including an away-from-the-office office with a desk and chairs for two, a photo-editing studio, or a mobile shop.


The Deca Deca, which Daihatsu calls a "super box" and a "toolbox for active people", runs on a 660 cc, in-line 3-cylinder 12-valve DOHC turbo gas engine and has a cabin height of over four and half feet (1400 mm).

And so ….

Daihatsu has never been short of innovative concepts, and the Deca Deca does nothing to mitigate that reputation.

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