The Green Car Journal Announces 2010 Green Car Vision Award Nominees

Mystery Green Vehicle

In brief: After giving the Audi A3 TDI the Green Car of the Year Award at the LA Auto Show this week, the Green Car Journal has announced their finalists for the 2010 Green Car Vision Award.

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Mystery Green Car

Five electrics, a plug-in electric, and a hydrogen car are all on that short list to take the prize in 2010.

The title will be awarded at the upcoming Washington Auto Show in January. Unlike Green Car of the Year, those selected for the Green Car Vision Award don't have to be in production, but that show a lot of eco-promise.

The finalists' list for 2010 include:

  • Coda Automotive's Sedan (battery electric)
  • Ford Focus BEV (battery electric)
  • Mercedes-Benz F-Cell (hydrogen fuel-cell)
  • Nissan LEAF (battery electric)
  • Toyota Prius (plug-in hybrid electric)

Last year's winner was the Chevy Volt.

This list is a great breakdown of up-and-soon-coming technologies that will definitely impact the automotive market in a green way.

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What's your pick? Tell us your vote in the comments here and we'll tell you ours.

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