Solar Roadways Shows Prototype, is Finalist in ACE Awards

Solar Roadways prototype

In brief: Solar Roadways has completed a prototype of their 12x12 foot panel to demonstrate their self-named road-replacement technology funded by the Department of Energy.

The word

Solar Roadways Prototype

Solar Roadways won a DoE grant for their design and has now completed a prototype, which is entered in the EE Times Sixth Annual Creativity in Electronics Awards, where it has advanced to the finals.

The roadway panel consists of a 12 foot square road surface that absorbs light as a solar panel, can display any matrix of messages or signs on its surface via low-powered LED lighting, and has several other properties making it suitable for road use.

Messages, as the graphic suggests, can be just about anything the highway department in charge of the roadway wishes them to be, eliminating the need for many costly signs such as Amber Alert and other roadway message systems.

And so ...

Definitely innovative, though not without its share of problems to overcome such as cost, longevity, etc.

Photo credits: Solar Roadways

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