Report Says 3.8 Million Electrics on Road by 2016

French Plug-in Station

In brief: A new report from GTM Research says that 3.8 million electric cars could be on the road, worldwide, by 2016 with an almost even split of them amongst the three major world automotive markets.

The word

French Plug-in Station

If the report is correct, the scene depicted above could become commonplace in American, European, and Asian cities as electric vehicle adoption skyrockets.

The report, titled The Networked EV: The Convergence of Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles was authored by David J. Leeds of GTM Research. Leeds estimates that the 3.8 million cars will be split between three geographic areas.

The American market would consist of about 1.5 million EVs with msot of those in major cities like Berkeley and Los Angeles, California and Portland, Oregon. Spreading from there, electrics would become commonplace in New York, Florida, and Texas.

In Europe, Leeds sees another 1.5 million EVs on the road, mainly in urban centers like London, Paris, and others.

Finally, in Asia, he sees about 760,000 electric vehicles on the roads with most of them driving in places like Japan, China's large cities, etc.

Until later in the game, the majority of these purchases will be for fleets owned by private and government groups.

And so ...

The report is not totally out of the question, but makes some assumptions that, frankly, don't seem likely. With the EV premium still a blockade towards wide-scale adoption, it may be longer than 2016 before electrics are a large share of the automotive market.

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