Rasmussen Poll Finds 71% of ADults Believe It's Important to Get Off Fossil Fuels

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In brief: Rasmussen Reports has released results from a new telephone survey which found that 73% of adults believe it is at least somewhat important for the country to change its dependency on fossil fuels like coal, gas and oil in the near future.

The word

Rasmussen ReportsThis response includes 42% who say it's very important to do so. 23% say it's not very or not at all important.

41% want government to institute policies that make it discouraging to use fossil fuels while 43% think it's at least somewhat likely that the Gulf oil spill will cause Americans to change their fossil fuel dependency.

Most think that Middle Eastern oil purchases by the U.S. will remain about the same in five years (45%), 29% think our oil imports will shrink and 19% say they will increase.

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The rest of the study's release can be read by clicking here.

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