Progressive Automotive X-Prize Will Hold Competition Events in Michigan

Progressive Automotive X-Prize Official Timeline

In brief: This year will be when most of the events for the long-anticipated Automotive X-Prize competition will take place and now, with a new announcement from the X-Prize organizers, we know those events will mainly take place in Michigan.

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X-Prize Timeline
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If you're into the X-Prize, then Michigan is where it's at. The competition has been ongoing, though up to now it's all been paperwork and submitting qualifications to meet the requirements of one of each of the competition's three categories.

The Automotive X-Prize officially began at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit earlier this month and the opening ceremonies will be held in Lansing, Michigan in April this year.

At that point, the initial "Shakedown" stage will commence which is expected to weed out all of the competitors for the Prize who have not yet produced their machine or otherwise complied with the entrance requirements. It's expected that this will drop up to a dozen competitors.

Then comes the Knockout Qualifying stage which involves on-track safety testing, systems safety qualifications, and hands-on with the physical vehicles to ensure they match the entrance requirements (for efficiency and so forth).

Then tow more final stage tourneys commence in July and August, culminating in winners, which will be announced in September.

Everything is in place for the competition to begin! Currently, 51 vehicles from 41 different teams have passed all of the requirements up to this point, so the competition is fierce to get a slice of that $10 million prize pie.

And so ...

The final awards ceremony will take place in Washington, D.C. in September, with 3 winning vehicles - one for each category.

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