Peugeot Launches Eco Cup Challenge

Eco Cup

In brief: Peugeot has officially launched the Eco Cup challenge, a race not for speed and time, but for eco-driving efficiency - a first of its kind Pan-European event.

The word

Eco CupThe eco-driving challenge will course through a 1,000 kilometer (540 mile) course beginning in Paris and ending in Geneva. Winners will be those who made the drive inside set time limits while using the least amount of fuel.

Any qualified driver can enter the race and entries will be accepted beginning on February 15 at the Eco Cup website (

Potential competitors will complete an application that includes an online eco-driving test, choose one of four Peugeot models to compete in, and give 140 words describing what makes a good eco driver. From the applications, Peugeot will select 72 competitors, with four from each European country involved being included.

The competition begins Sunday morning in Paris on February 28 with the 1,000 mile route to Geneva being expected to take 30-36 hours to complete.

Winners from each of the four categories (cars) will be those who completed the run in time and by using the least amount of fuel. Those four winners will receive a brand new Peugeot car.

And so ...

Competition promises to be fierce and lively.

Photo credits: Eco Cup

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