One Event Left to Determine the Winner of the X Prize, More Contenders Cut

X Prize Finish Line

In brief: The final race of the Progressive Automotive X Prize competition has completed, with several more contestants being knocked out and the finalists, down to nine teams in three categories, will have final testing next month to determine winners.

The word

X Prize in Action: Li-Ion Wave followed by the Aptera 2e

In a staggered start, vehicles were launched onto the race track at the Michigan Speedway. The race wasn't to see who was the fastest, but instead was to see who could complete the race (100 miles for alternatives, 200 miles for mainstream cars) the most efficiently and with the best time.

The 100 miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) goal had to be met by the vehicles circling the track for a total of 100 miles (for alternative class) or 200 miles (for mainstream class) at speeds over 45mph but not exceeding 70mph.

On the track: ZAP Alias followed closely by the Li-Ion WaveSome vehicles, such as the ZAP Alias, made great time around the track only to run out of juice just two miles short of the finish, failing to qualify. Another favorite, the Aptera 2e, had technical problems halfway around the race and was unable to stay in contention.

Ultimately, five teams finished the alternative class and one team (with two cars) finished the mainstream class. Two X-Tracer enclosed motorcycles also completed the race run.

Next month, at the Argonne National Laboratories, finalists will complete the last of the events with winners announced in September.

Winners will receive a share of the $10 million total prize purse.

And so ...

Winners still in the X Prize include: RaceAbout (Helsinki University), Li-ion Motors Wave, Edison2 (2 vehicles), X-Tracer (2 vehicles), Aptera, and ZAP.

Photo credits: Automotive X Prize and Consumer Reports

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