NAIAS 2010: Can you say Eddie Grant?


In brief: The 2010 North American International Auto Show in January will have a 37,000 square foot feature dedicated to the electric vehicle, giving some of the world's bit players a chance to shine on the big stage.

Motor show in the news

Show: 2010 North American International Auto Show
Dates: January 11- 24

The word

The world's biggest and generally most important car show will open in two months, and when it does the attending public will see something on the main floor of Cobo Center that they've never seen before: 37,000 square feet of electric vehicle Heaven.


The show's organizers are creating what's being called "Electric Avenue", where as many as twenty EV manufacturers might have their vehicle on display—manufacturers like Green Vehicles, makers of the Triac, and Commuter Cars, the 'brains' behind the Tango. Since they will be part of a larger feature on the electric car, participation in the world's biggest motor show is suddenly affordable.

And so ….

The Detroit Free Press has hinted that BYD and Mitsubishi may have an electric rep from their brand in the feature as well. This is a pretty astonishing thing when you think about it. Start-ups who would normally not attend this huge event because it's just too expensive will now be there, on Detroit's turf, earning the kind of media attention that they just couldn't get anywhere else. Should be fun to watch.

By Ross Bonander

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