GM's OnStar Unveils New Smart Phone Application and 24/7 Control Features

Chevrolet OnStar Smart Phone Control (blackberry)

In brief: Chevrolet's OnStar debuted their new mobile smart phone application at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, allowing car owners 24/7 control over many vehicle functions and features.

The word

OnStar Smart PhoneAn often-overlooked future car technology is how our online and mobile lives will coincide with our future vehicles. Many of the latest generation of electric and hybrid cars, for instance, feature Apple iPhone connectivity, the ability to use your smart phone or laptop computer as a plug-in device, and more.

OnStar, the in-car communications and safety system from General Motors, is planning to use their communications structure to include smart phone support so owners of future vehicles such as the Chevy Volt can control many of their vehicle's functions without needing a "remote" other than their cell phone.

The technology and smart phone application to drive it were debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada this week.

It displays vehicle information such as:

  • Charge status (for battery vehicles)
  • Charge timing/scheduling (to avoid peak usage times)
  • Text or email notifications of charge-status or reminders to charge
  • Miles per gallon, miles in BEV, etc.
  • Remote start, shutoff, temperature control, etc.

These are only some of the features and they are obviously geared towards the upcoming Volt.

And so ...

This is a great idea and definitely something we'll likely see on other future vehicles as time goes on.

Photo credits: OnStar

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