Ford Introduces MyFord Touch System to Show Drivers How to Max Fuel Savings

In brief: Ford unveiled new functions for its in-vehicle MyFord Touch system at the SAE 2010 World Congress. The new system provides real-time information on fuel economy and coaches drivers towards getting more miles per gallon.

The word

Ford EcoRoute

Other enhancements include the Eco-Route mapping and navigation system (shown here) that can quickly calculate the most fuel-efficient route available to the driver.

The MyFord Touch system first debuted in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year. This new version is expected to be in cars for the 2011 model year, starting with the 2011 Ford Edge and then globally on the 2012 Ford Focus.

The fuel economy function builds on the already-present SmartGauge with EgoGuide cluster in the Fusion and Milan hybrids and that will be in the 2011 Lincoln MKZ hybrid.

And so ...

EcoRoute is becoming popular as an option in many GPS units and navigation aids. It's not always the shortest or fastest route, but incorporates terrain and traffic flow for best fuel economy instead.

Photo credits: Ford

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