First On-Road Demo of SARTRE "Road Train" Completed

In brief: The Safe Road Trains for the Environment (SARTRE) project has carried out its first successful on-road demonstration.

The word


The SARTRE system is "vehicle platooning" via wireless connections. The idea is that a lead vehicle (most probably a commercial, professional driver such as a truck or bus) transmits a signal that other drivers on the highway can connect to, getting into line in a road train. These vehicles will be inherently safer and basically hands-free as they line up automatically and stay there until the driver disengages to exit or go back to manual driving.

The system has undergone its first real world test at the Volvo Proving Ground near Gothenburg, Sweden. This was the first test outside of simulators and included a lead vehicle (human driven) and a following car (human occupied).

The test was a success and showed the viability of the system. Volvo thinks that the SARTRE group can have the system ready for mainstream use in just a handful of years.

And so ...

The idea is pretty cool and I'm sure plenty of commuters have dreamed of being able to go hands free during their drive so they can sit back, relax, drink coffee and listen to the radio.

Photo credits: SARTRE

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