FEV Showing Extremely Downsized Engine at 2010 SAE World Congress


In brief: FEV will be showing its Extremely Downsized Engine (EDE) at the 2010 SAE World Congress in Detroit. The engine is built to deliver a specific power rating at maximum and partial loads and is optimized for stringent CO2 standards.

The word


The EDE is optimized to put out 100kW per liter and combines boosting with direct injection to create a turbocharged, 2-valve SOHC 3-cylinder engine with only 698cm3 displacement.

Using an optimized DI layout and only one spark plug, the engine burns cleaner and reduces wall wetting and oil contamination issues. Low-end torque (part-load) is improved to 1,500rpm by about 32%. The bore diameter of the engine is only 66.5cm.

The engine is a powertrain option for Japanese K-class vehicles as well as acting as a generator for range-extended electrics.

And so ...

By downsizing and boosting and optimizing the layout of the engine, FEV has produced an extremely efficient, tiny ICE.

Photo credits: FEV

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