European Commission Gives European Strategy for Energy-Efficient Vehicles


In brief: The European Commission released a Communication to the European Parliament, the Council, and the European Economic and Social Committee on a proposed European strategy for encouraging the development and ownership of clean and energy-efficient heavy- and light-duty vehicles (including 2- and 3-wheeled varieties).

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The report is titled A European strategy on clean and energy efficient vehicles.

The strategy builds on a current strategy implemented in 2007 to reduce CO2 emissions. The report also notes that spinoff technologies from automotive transport could affect maritime, rail, and other transportation as well.

The strategy's two tracks are:
* Promoting clean and energy-efficient vehicles based on conventional internal combustion engines (ICE); and
* Facilitating the breakthrough and adoption of technologies in ultra-low-carbon vehicles.

And so ...

Much of the strategy's plans focus on hybrid and pure electric vehicles, near-zero emissions ICE options, and similar technologies.

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