Energy-hungry Pentagon Working Towards Going Green


In brief: The first flight of a Navy fighter plane using 50:50 biofuels on Earth Day and last month's flight of an Air Force plane on biofuels are just the beginning of the Pentagon's green initiatives.

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Thursday's flight of the F/A-18 Super Hornet on a 50:50 biofuel blend is just the latest in several Department of Defense initiatives to move away from fossil fuels and dependence on foreign oil.

The Army has been busy too, working on several hybrid power trains and alternative-fueled models of some of its most visible transport vehicles. Such as the Humvee and a SpecOps machine called the CERV.

All branches of the armed forces are working on different alt-fuel and green initiatives to lower energy use in buildings, vehicles, and more. From airplanes to boats to tanks to golf carts, the Pentagon is working towards energy independence.

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The military uses approximately 70% of the federal government's total fuel usage annually, so any cutback is a good thing.

Photo credits: The Pentagon Press Corps

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