Cost and CO2 Emissions Calculator Helps Decide What To Buy

Green Calculator (stock)
In brief: Consumers who are confused by all of the options can use the Electric Car Calculator at to help decide what to buy.

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Green CalculatorThe calculator at aims to show consumers whether or not an electric car will work for them and their lifestyle - not to mention their pocket book.

It asks you the question "Is it worth buying an Electric Car?" and then walks through a series of questions to find out the answer.

Questions include the state you live in (to determine tax incentives), how often you drive and for how far (city/highway), how often you take road trips, and the costs for fuel (diesel, gasoline) and electricity.

You then select from two car models, such as the Chevy Volt and the Coda Sedan, and look at various payment options you think will fit your needs.

The calculator then puts all of this together and tells you whether or not your chosen purchases are really worth it. It's at least honest in that, much of the time, electric cars probably aren't the right choice for many Americans. Hybrids, however, often do well on the calculator.

And so ...

It's fun to try, it's free, and it might be enlightening for some people. So it's worth a shot.

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