Automotive X Prize Winners Announced

Li-Ion Wave II X-Prize
Edison2 VLC X-Prize

In brief: The long-anticipated results for the Progressive Automotive X Prize competition have been announced.

The word

Edison2 Very Light Car

At a ceremony in Washington, D.C., X Prize officials announced the winners of the hotly-contested Side-by-Side class as well as the foregone conclusion for the Mainstream category plus the fun Tandem category.

The Mainstream category went to the Edison2 team, which had the only two cars left in the category. The Edison2 team takes home the $5 million prize. Their top mileage was 102.5mpg using E85 ethanol. Despite being the only team left in the running, the Edison2 cars were nearly unable to complete the competition due to mechanical issues.

In the Tandem category (seating fore and aft), it was already clear that the X-Tracer and its Swiss team were the clear winners. This was solidified and the team takes the $2.5 million prize for this category. The winning X-Tracer got 205.3mpg (equivalent).

Li-Ion Wave II

The class with the most competition right up to the end was the Side-by-Side class. With high-profile competitors such as Aptera Motors in the running, this one was definitely not a foregone conclusion.

The win goes to Li-Ion Motors from North Carolina with their beautifully unique (and bright green) car, the Wave II. The team takes home the $2.5 million prize for their category, having achieved a 187mpg equivalent.

And so ...

Congratulations to all who participated and especially to the winners. Great competition and we hope to see another one next year!

Photo credits: Progressive Automotive X-Prize and Consumer Reports

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