American Le Mans Series Introduces New 'Green Dream Team' of Drivers

American La Mans Green Dream Team

In brief: The American Le Mans Series has unveiled its "Green Dream Team" of five drivers who will serve as ambassadors for its green racing initiatives. Each driver represents a different aspect of green fuels and technology.

The word

ALMS Green Dream Team

The drivers on this Green Dream Team have five different voices in varying initiatives with the Le Mans movement towards sustainable fuels and initiatives that began in 2006. Five alternative fuels are being used in competition vehicles this year, one for each driver on the Green Dream Team.

Paul Drayson is both driver and operator of Drayson Racing and is also the UK's minister of Science and Innovation. His Lola-Judd prototype competes using cellulosic E85.

David Brabham began the Le Mans green movement when he wrote a letter to Founder Don Panoz and President/CEO Scott Atherton in 2004 suggesting they consider alternative fuels as a strategy. He drives for Patron Highcroft Racing and uses E10.

Johnny O'Connell races for Corvette Racing, the first team to use cellulosic E85 (in 2008) and the first winner of the EPA's Green Challenge. He is a champion racer with more starts than any other drive in history.

Chris Dyson drives for Dyson Racing, which he owns, and is sponsored by BP and drove the first car to race using isobutanol. Isobutanol is now officially accepted and endorsed by the Le Mans series.

Gunnar Jeanette was the youngest driver to ever complete the 24 Hours of La Mans at only 18. He currently drives for G-Oil's Green Earth Team and his car uses, of course, Green Oil (G-Oil) made from beef tallow.

And so ...

The drivers will represent the Le Mans organization at alt-fuel and green events surrounding races and other PR events.

Photo credits: American La Mans

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