2011 Fiesta to Have SYNC AppLink - First Car to Have Voice Control for Smart Phone Apps

Ford SYNC AppLink

In brief: Ford announces the 2011 Fiesta will include SYNC AppLink, a system that allows driver's mobile smart phones to "talk" to the car for hands-free phone use.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: 2011 Fiesta
Manufacturer: Ford

The word

Ford SYNC AppLink

Ford will offer the AppLink software as a download for the 2011 Fiesta (then rolling to other cars). The software allows drivers to access and control Android and BlackBerry phones and apps using voice commands and vehicle controls.

Ford will also launch a developer community to make vehicle-specific apps and to tool their apps directly for in-car use.

And so ...

We've all dreamed of talking to our cars like they talked to their space ship in Star Trek. This is one step closer.

Photo credits: Ford

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