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Tokyo 2009: The Daihatsu Deca Deca concept car

In brief: Japanese automaker Daihatsu grabs some much-deserved attention at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show with their Deca Deca concept van. Vehicle in ... Read More


Automotive X-Prize officials cut participant pool down to size

In brief: Today the Progressive Automotive X-Prize foundation made a huge cut in the participant pool, slicing it from 97 teams down to just 43. ... Read More


Preview: Tokyo Motor Show by the numbers: 2007 vs 2009

In Brief: The 41st Tokyo Motor Show will open in about a week with a foreign passenger car maker presence barely a fraction the size it was in 2007. ... Read More


View all of Frankfurt's electric vehicle premieres in one spot

In Brief: The Frankfurt Motor Show witnessed over 80 vehicle premieres, and about half of them were battery electric cars. Car Show in the news ... Read More


Dropouts adding up for the Tokyo Motor Show

Car Show in the news Show: 41st Tokyo Motor Show Dates: October 24 – November 4 In Brief: A number of major automakers—the latest being Hyundai... Read More


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