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Auto X-Prize Continues Narrowing Competition, Only 4 Mainstreamers Left

In brief: The Progressive Automotive X Prize continues with the Knockout Phase of the competition, as six more vehicles fail to make the cut, leaving ... Read More


Walmart Achieves 60% Increase in Fleet Efficiency, Aims for 100%

In brief: In 2005, Walmart began working towards a goal of doubling fleet efficiency by 100% (or double) by 2015. The word In 2005, Walmart be... Read More


Rasmussen Poll Finds 71% of ADults Believe It's Important to Get Off Fossil Fuels

In brief: Rasmussen Reports has released results from a new telephone survey which found that 73% of adults believe it is at least somewhat important ... Read More


Automotive X Prize Awards Dash+ Student Dashboard Design Content Winner

In brief: The Automotive X Prize continues with side contests such as the Dash+ competition for high schools where students and classes competed natio... Read More


First Series Shakedown Results Announced for X Prize Competition

In brief: The first of three events in which competitors in the Progressive Automotive X Prize competition face being cut from the contest if they don... Read More


European Commission Gives European Strategy for Energy-Efficient Vehicles

In brief: The European Commission released a Communication to the European Parliament, the Council, and the European Economic and Social Committee on ... Read More


Ford and UofM Reveal Student Visions For Future of In-Car Cloud Computing

In brief: Ford has been sponsoring a research course at the University of Michigan titled Cloud Computing in the Commute and now six university teams ... Read More


X-Prize Teams Begin First Stage of Shakedown Competition

In brief: Teams competing in the Automotive X Prize competition gathered in Michigan to begin the shakedown portion of the live, physical events for t... Read More


Lotus Engineering Study Shows 38% Vehicle Mass Improvement Possible by 2020

In brief: Lotus Engineering conducted a detailed study to develop a commercially-viable mass reduction strategy for mainstream vehicles and concluded ... Read More


Energy-hungry Pentagon Working Towards Going Green

In brief: The first flight of a Navy fighter plane using 50:50 biofuels on Earth Day and last month's flight of an Air Force plane on biofuels are jus... Read More


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