Volkswagen City Car Concept Designed by Brazilian Interns

VW IN Concept
VW IN Concept
VW IN Concept

In brief: Four Brazilian interns have designed a two-seat Volkswagen concept that they're calling the "IN" - a twist on the usual VW "Up!" name given to small concepts.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: IN (concept)
Manufacturer: Volkswagen

The word

Volkswagen IN concept

The IN could run on a variety of fuels, but being designed in Brazil, ethanol would be a prime choice for starters.

The design team won VW's Brazilian concept design competition, the Talento Volkswagen Design 2008 with their concept drawings and have now built a physical concept for the car.

Volkswagen IN concept

The designers, Kaure Martins, Rogerio Okabe, Guilherme Motta and Wadson Gomes Amorim built a car to compete with the Smart ForTwo, though the drive train could be any of a number of options from electric to 2-cylinder ethanol or even diesel/biodiesel.

Volkswagen IN concept

And so ...

Definitely a cool lookIN design.

Photo credits: Volkswagen

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