Vehicles That Run on Waste Paper Debut in D.C.

Chevrolet HHR E85 conversion

In brief: Our nation's capital is the world's top producer of two things: hot air and waste paper. An innovative company has figured out how to convert at least one of those into automotive fuel.

The word

Chevrolet HHR E85 conversion

The company is called Novozymes and they've so far converted both a Ford F-150 pickup and a Chevrolet HHR SUV to run on fuel made from waste paper. Waste paper that is thrown out by government offices by the ton daily.

Partering with Maryland-based Fiberight, the company produces a biofuel made from bureaucratic paper waste. The fuel can also be made from most vegetable matter (and agricultural residue) and also from municipal waste.

The resulting fuel is ethanol, which like most ethanol is mixed with gasoline to make E85 (85% biofuel, 15% petroleum gasoline). The vehicles have been converted to run on near-pure ethanol rather than gasoline.

And so ...

Fitting that these two vehicles which run on bureaucratic waste would debut at the Washington Auto Show...

Photo credits: BusinessWire

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