The Metalback Biodiesel Motorcycle Concept


In brief: Jordan Meadows, a well-known designer, has released his latest: the Metalback motorcycle concept, powered by biodiesel.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Metalback
Manufacturer: Jordan Meadows

The word

Metalback concept

With a mixture of sci-fi and street racing elements, the Metalback is smooth and easy on the eyes. Powered by a V4 engine and biodiesel fuel, the concept is built using recycled aluminum and other materials.

In fact, the Metalback has no paint on it, but instead the aluminum has been exposed to the elements to develop a patina, so no two bikes would be exactly the same.

Very cool.

And so ...

Jordan Meadows was the design manager at Mazda until leaving last year and has worked for Ford, Chrysler, Jeep and others during his career.

Photo credits: Jordan Meadows Design

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