EWG Releases Study Blasting Corn Ethanol

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In brief: The Environmental Working Group has released a new study questioning the economics and environmental payoffs for corn-based ethanol.

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Ethanol Myth

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has released a new study which questions the U.S. government's subsidization of corn-based ethanol as a biofuel.

The study, titled Driving Under the Influence: Corn Ethanol & Energy Security, focuses on the lowball payoffs of corn-based fuels versus other, simpler, and cheaper measures such as driving less aggressively, replacing clogged air filters, and properly inflating tires. According to EWG's analysis, these simple changes would increase fuel economy by more than E10 (the most common ethanol mixture) does.

The study was authored by Craig Cox and Andrew Hug and is available online, free of charge.

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Corn-based ethanol has long been considered a political game rather than an environmental one by its opponents.

Photo credits: US Dept of Energy

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