EPA Delays Final Decision on Increasing Ethanol Blend Limits Until mid-2010

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In brief: The Environmental Protection Agency has delayed final decision-making on increasing ethanol blend limits until sometime next year, depending on further testing and results.

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US EPAThe United States EPA says that they will delay a decision on increasing allowed blend limits of ethanol:gasolin from 10:90 to 15:85 (E10 to E15) until sometime next year.

In March, an advocacy group for ethanol and biofuels called Growth Energy petitioned the EPA to allow for the increase, relaxing current rules.

The EPA says they will not have a final decision on the waiver until mid-2010 at the earliest, citing the need for more testing.

The EPA's letter to Growth Energy was encouraging, however, citing that tests so far have shown that later-model cars are capable of utilizing E15 without apparent detrimental effects.

In concert with the Department of Energy, the EPA has been undertaking studies to see how various vehicles handle increased ethanol mixes.

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Questions about bio-based ethanol's sources aside, the delay is probably beneficial overall, giving time for various interests to test the effects of these blends.

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