Dyson Racing Wins ALMS Victory With Biobutanol

Dysan Mazda-Lola in the lead at ALMS Mid-Ohio

In brief: Dyson Racing raced at the Mid-Ohio American Le Mans Series (ALMS) and took the checkered flag with a car powered by biobutanol.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Dyson
Manufacturer: Lola-Mazda

The word

Dyson Mazda-Lola in the lead

The Dyson Racing team took the flag with half a second to spare over rival Honda Highcroft in their ARX-01c (fueled by ethanol / E10). The win marks the first for a biobutanol-fueled car in the ALMS series.

The race also featured rankings for fuel efficiency by the Micheline Green X Challenge, in which Dyson placed third. Winners there were the aforementioned Highcroft and Intersport (using E85).

All of the Green Challenge winners were vehicles using alternative fuels, mostly cellulosic E85. Ten of 12 cars racing in GT now use biofuel.

And so ...

Very cool results. The Flying Lizard Porsche took top honors overall in green racing challenges.

Photo credits: American Le Mans

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