Dyson Racing to Use Isobutanol and Ethanol Mix in 2010 La Mans Series

Mazda Dyson Racing Le Mans racer

In brief: Dyson Racing has announced that they will be powering their Mazda Lola coupe on BP-produced isobutanol and ethanol mixes for the entire 2010 La Mans Series.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Lola LMP2 coupe
Manufacturer: Mazda / Dyson Racing

The word

Dyson/Mazda Lola LMP2

BP recently announced the introduction of an experimental racing fuel using biologically-based isobutanol and ethanol. Dyson Racing has agreed to use the fuel in mixture throughout the 2010 La Mans Series in their Mazda-powered Lola racer.

The first race with the new fuel will be the upcoming Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring on March 20.

This decision by BP, Mazda and Dyson Racing continues their tests of the bio-fuels BP introduced last year. LaMans Series President and CEO Scott Atherton says:

"The experiment by BP, MAZDASPEED and Dyson Racing to compete at the end of 2009 with isobutanol was an unqualified success on a number of levels. It also serves as another example of our participating manufacturers, teams and partners working hand-in-hand with the American Le Mans Series to develop, produce and display tomorrow’s automotive advancements and innovations in today’s motorsports environment."

And so ...

Pretty cool and we all know that most automotive innovations come or are tested by race cars and competitions.

Photo credits: American Le Mans

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