ASTM Approves Biojet Fuel in Blends up to 50%

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In brief: An ASTM committee has voted to approve the addition of a new bio-derived jet fuel annex to its alternative jet fuel specifications, allowing for up to 50% mixes. New standards will likely be in place by August.

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Aviation Fueling

The D7566 standard (Standard Specification for Aviation Turbine Fuel Containing Synthesized Hydrocarbons) will be annexed to include new fuel properties and criteria for controlling the manufacture and quality of new bio-fuel mixes for aviation use.

This new standard will allow the hydroprocessing of plant oils as a pathway of production for alternative jet fuels. Hydroprocessed renewable jet (HRJ) fuels are the fastest-growing new alt-fuel for jet propulsion and are being derived from biomass stocks such as algae, camelina and jatropha.

This vote from ASTM concludes the technical review process and moves the approval over to final specifications, which is expected to be issued in August of this year.

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Big news for the bio-jet industry, which has seen a lot of headway and testing in the past year.

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