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Winning Formula One Racer Did It On Ethanol

In brief: The winning Formula One World Championship racer this past weekend was the Ferrari car, driven by Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso, who won ... Read More


Dyson Racing to Use Isobutanol and Ethanol Mix in 2010 La Mans Series

In brief: Dyson Racing has announced that they will be powering their Mazda Lola coupe on BP-produced isobutanol and ethanol mixes for the entire 2010... Read More


GM Announces B20 Capability for 2011 Duaramax 6.6L Turbo Diesel

In brief: General Motors has announced that its line of medium and heavy-duty trucks featuring the Duramax 6.6L V8 Turbo Diesel engine will be capable... Read More


Volkswagen City Car Concept Designed by Brazilian Interns

In brief: Four Brazilian interns have designed a two-seat Volkswagen concept that they're calling the "IN" - a twist on the usual VW "Up!" name given ... Read More


EPA Moves Forward on New Biofuel Regulations

In brief: New rules could provide a potential boost to the U.S. biofuels industry as the White House issues a report on fuel crops and the Environment... Read More


Vehicles That Run on Waste Paper Debut in D.C.

In brief: Our nation's capital is the world's top producer of two things: hot air and waste paper. An innovative company has figured out how to conve... Read More


The Metalback Biodiesel Motorcycle Concept

In brief: Jordan Meadows, a well-known designer, has released his latest: the Metalback motorcycle concept, powered by biodiesel. Vehicle in the ne... Read More


Volvo to Begin Field Tests on Methane-Diesel Heavy Trucks

In brief: Volvo Trucks has announced that they will be field testing heavy-duty diesel trucks with a combined methane and diesel fuel in 2010. Vehi... Read More


EPA Delays Final Decision on Increasing Ethanol Blend Limits Until mid-2010

In brief: The Environmental Protection Agency has delayed final decision-making on increasing ethanol blend limits until sometime next year, depending... Read More


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