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Bio-fuel Car News

Breaking News


Alaska Airlines and Aeromexico Begin Using Biofuel in Flights, Starting Now

In brief: Alaska Airlines and its sister carrier Horizon Air will be using a 20% biofuel blend, starting this week in flights, while Aeromexico will b... Read More


ASTM Approves Biojet Fuel in Blends up to 50%

In brief: An ASTM committee has voted to approve the addition of a new bio-derived jet fuel annex to its alternative jet fuel specifications, allowing... Read More


F-22 Raptor Flies on 50:50 Bio-Jet Fuel

In brief: The U.S. Air Force has successfully flown an F-22 Raptor at supersonic using a 50:50 blend of bio-based and conventional jet fuel. Vehicl... Read More


EPA Finalizes 2011 Renewable Fuel Standards

In brief: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has finalized percentage standards for renewable fuels in 2011. The word The standards ... Read More


Dyson Racing Wins ALMS Victory With Biobutanol

In brief: Dyson Racing raced at the Mid-Ohio American Le Mans Series (ALMS) and took the checkered flag with a car powered by biobutanol. Vehicle i... Read More


US DOE Gives $24 Million for Algae Biofuels Research

In brief: The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has given three grants, totaling $24 million, to consortia working on algae cultivation for fuel product... Read More


Royal Netherlands AF Tests 50% Renewable Fuel in Apache Helicopter

In brief: The Royal Netherlands Air Force has successfully tested a 50% renewable jet fuel blend in an Apache helicopter. Vehicle in the news Ma... Read More


EWG Releases Study Blasting Corn Ethanol

In brief: The Environmental Working Group has released a new study questioning the economics and environmental payoffs for corn-based ethanol. The ... Read More


US House Passes Biodiesel Credit Extension

In brief: The $1/gallon biodiesel tax credit that expired at the end of 2009 will be extended under legislation that passed the U.S. House of Represen... Read More


Veggie Van Breaks Guiness Record, Still Going Strong!

In brief: Cloe Whittaker and Tyson Jerry have been driving the Mitsubishi van dubbed the Veggie Van between restaurants (where they refuel on grease) ... Read More


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