Dimethyl-Ether [DME]

Dimethyl-ether is gaining a foothold as a transportation fuels, in part because it shares some useful similarities with liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and natural gas (NG). Currently DME is chiefly used as an aerosol propellant in the place of CFC propellants.
dme molecule

Illustration by CCoil


Gas, non-toxic


DME is derived from the methanol produced during the chemical conversion of coal, natural gas, or biomass.

CO2 Emissions


Fuel Blends

DME can be blended with LPG


Conceivably, DME could use the entire existing infrastructure for propane.


Its high cetane number makes it likely suited for deisel engines.

As a fuel source, DME has the potential to meet a broad range of energy needs, at power plants, within the home, and in diesel engines, to name a few.

The Future

DME is difficult to guage at this extremely early time, but there is some potential for using DME as a hydrogen source for fuel cells.

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