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Reva NXR - Range Against the Machine

Bangalore-based Reva Electric Car Company boasts that they are the most successful electric vehicle maker in the world, with more EV's on the road tha...


Joule - South African Slow Jam

images from Optimal Energy Specs: Type: Dedicated electric vehicle Class: Six-seat urban MPV Manufacturer: Optimal Energy Ltd ...


Project Auto Recycler Part 3: The Datsun 510 Goes Camping

I took my restored Datsun 510 wagon camping. I did the math and calculated the fully-loaded 510 as getting 29 miles-per-gallon. As a representative of...


SpaceX Falcon 9: it is what it ISS

Quarter section of the Falcon 9. Photo from SpaceX's Hawthorne, CA headquarters. by Ross Bonander Specs: Type: Powered launch vehicle ...


Loremo EV: Green Egg Omelette

Bavarian-based Loremo AG began in 1993 as an idea for an extremely lightweight vehicle by engineer and automotive component developer Uli Sommer. Thir...


Jetman Jetwing - Dude Can Fly!

Yves Rossy's jet-propelled wing is a thing of beauty, but it didn't start out that way. One early failed prototype featured an inflatable wing; anothe...


Genesis Space Habitat: Outer Spaceways Inc.

Commercial space tourism is becoming a reality. The Genesis II is the second of two inflatable space habitat prototype modules engineered by BA and cu...


XR3 Three-Wheel Hybrid: Is the spiel for real?

Vehicle designer Robert Riley first made his XR3 Personal Transit Vehicle available strictly by way of plans sold over the internet, requiring the buy...


Project Auto Recycler Part 2 - DIY on a dime

Recycling an old car is hands-on, including the time spent on the keyboard doing internet research. But what seems overwhelming at first is not so b...


Dodge Circuit EV: Light at the end of the tunnel

Chrysler faces extraordinary financial challenges. When it emerges from the darkness, the Circuit EV could become a handy weapon in the maker’s futu...


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Evida Power: Charging in the right direction

A look how the rise of battery technology is playing a key role in the transition from the combustion engine to electric power   By Jonathan Shine, VP of Business D...


The Most Efficient Drive Train in Winter Snow and Ice

For efficient winter driving, which is best: RWD, FWD, AWD, or 4WD? The efficiency and winter driving ability of each is a balance that should be considered before purchasing...


Aerodynamics - Why All Cars Look the Same

Many people complain that today's cars all "look the same." There's a reason for that: aerodynamics. Aerodynamics are extremely important to the efficiency of a vehicle. Th...


The New 40mpg Target and Why Nobody Seems to Care

The new target for small cars seems to be 40mpg highway and several have made that goal, many without using hybrid power trains. So why don't these cars sell well? by ...


Green cars not always so rosy

The economics and viability of some technologies in the alternative vehicle market are not always as great as their hype might make them seem. Studies are showing cost-effect...


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