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The consumer can find a wide assortment of hybrid cars on the market today and at one point or another most of us have at least been on one hybrid car or another whether we knew it or not. The term encompasses a wide range of vehicles, including mopeds (pedals + gas engine power), trains and some buses (diesel engine power + electric power) submarines (electric power + nuclear power), and of course passenger cars.

What is a broad definition of hybrid cars?

Hybrid Cars are best defined by their general technology, without specifying the precise technology . In other words, a hybrid car is a single vehicle with two or more on-board energy sources.

According to this definition, in order to be considered a hybrid car, a car can operate using any combination of fuel systems. In the automotive world, hybrids are almost universally found featuring electric power combined with one other energy source. In these cases, they’re called Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs).

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