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Future Flying Cars

Naturally, a car capable of flight will face a number of different challenges compared to a car that does not fly. A flying car should:

1) Be able to utilize the current infrastructures for both cars and airplanes

2) Feature a flight system that does not require the owner to have a pilot’s license

3) Meet all FAA regulations

4) Be fuel efficient and economically viable for the average car buyer

5) Be powered by renewable fuels

Although flying cars do need to surmount some incredible obstacles before they become commonplace, the possibilities they open up are exciting and often enough, seemingly beyond imagination.

What is currently under development?

Here are a few of the integrated flying cars currently in development:

The Moller M400 Skycar by Moller International
The Transition by Terrafugia Inc
The FSC-1 by LaBiche Aerospace
The Magic Dragon , by StrongMobile
The Haynes Aero Skyblazer by Haynes Aero

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