Where is the Future for Electric Cars

What's in the Future for Electric Cars

Their future is with either the Altairnano NanoSafe™ battery mentioned above, along with the nanophosphate™ technology developed by A123Systems. This technology is creating a “new generation” lithium-ion battery called an M1 cell, with the hope of substantially better performance in BEVs. It uses olivines, minerals found in nature that, once broken down and following the addition of metals, possess a high charge/discharge content.

The incredible performance capacity can be seen in the Killacycle , a drag-racing electric-powered motorcycle. The KillaCycle uses a 7.5 kWh lithium-ion pack featuring 990 M1cells and powered by two Model L-91 DC motors.

A123Systems is developing a Battery Range Extender Module utilizing their nanophosphate™ technology that can convert current-model HEVs into PHEVs.

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