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Future Compressed Air Cars

The most exciting vehicle on the way is Tata Motors’ AirCar , which promises speeds of 68 mph and a range of 125 miles, and may be retailing for under $13,000. The electric pump recharges in 4 hours and the tank can be filled with compressed air in under five minutes.

One more vehicle requires mention: the MDI e.Volution, by Zero Pollution Motors. This model is set to be released in the United States soon, which will greatly improve the staying power and chance of success of the compressed air car. The ZPM vehicle generated a lot of enthusiasm and was featured on BBC and howstuffworks.com, among other places, and after a few false starts the Zero Pollution Motors MDI Compressed Air Car is on its way.

What’s the future of compressed air cars?

With so much hype surrounding the battery electric and fuel cell vehicles, it can be easy to forget that when lined up against other technologies to see which is the most efficient, economical and environmentally friendly, compressed air cars not only hold up just as well, but they are also much further along in stages of development.

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